Kate Shaw
Birth name: Kathryn Shaw
Titles: Sergeant First Class
Director of GHOST
Aliases: Kate
Director Shaw
Sergeant Shaw
Born: June 14th, 1962
San Antonio, Texas
Age: 53
Citizenship: American
Status: Alive
  • pattern recognition
  • interrogation
  • cryptanalysis
  • language
Family members: Ralph Shaw † (father)
Michele Shaw † (mother)
Raymond Shaw † (grandfather)
Relationships: Ryan Dyer

Director Sgt. Kathryn "Kate" Shaw is an army sergeant veteran and one of the founders and the director of GHOST.


Early years of abuse

Shaw was born in San Antonio, Texas to Ralph and Michele Shaw, who died during childbirth. Ralph, a police officer, raised Shaw as a single father as well as he could. Shaw's grandfather, however, secretly mentally, physically, and sexually abused Shaw around age nine.

Ralph died when Shaw was fourteen during a fire fight on duty. She was sent to live with Raymond who continued to abuse her. When Shaw turned eighteen she joined the army.

Army years and formation of The Quintet

Shaw faced an onslaught of sexism during her time in the army. She was deployed to Iran as a PFC. There Shaw was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross after saving her infantry when they were held captive for eleven days, including Ignatius Brewer, Jonathan Lane, Ryan Dyer, whom she fell in love with, and Clay Pollard. The award, as well as her work ethics, earned her esteem and respect and Shaw quickly climbed the ranks. Shaw was promoted to Sergeant First Class when she was thirty four.

She, Brewer, Lane, Dyer, and Pollard formed a powerful close friendship nicknamed as "The Quintet". Together, they were popular for their quick and strategical military tactics and their sharp wits.

Beginning of GHOST

The Quintet started to trace the outlines of a highly classified covert quasi military/government agency that would tackle both foreign and domestic affairs. They treated what they called "Project Ghost" as an unachievable dream.

Two years later, Dyer died during a Russian plane hijacking where 105 civilians also perished. This prompted the government to start planning for a covert agency more undercover than the CIA to investigate world wide affairs. The government greenlit Project Ghost after the military suggested it. Brewer, Lane and Pollard insisted Shaw to be the hands-on director running the base while they serve as counsel.